Independent female fronted rock from the Netherlands

New single out “The Revolution”

Cover of single The Revolution

Single “My Great Reset”

Cover of single My Great Reset

Single “Endless”

Cover of single Endless

Single “It's Time”

Cover of single It's Time

Single “Déjà vu”

Cover of single Déjà vu

Single “The Last Thing”

Cover of single The Last Thing

Single “Winter”

Cover of single Winter

Single "Too Much"

Cover of single Too Much

Single "My Heavy Heart"

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Album "Emergence"

With debut album ‘Emergence’ Dutch rockband ‘Mental Shift’ makes quite the appearance in the rock scene, hence the album title ‘Emergence’. Their sound is heavy but accessible. Recognisable melodies, heavy riffs and the ever changing voice of lead singer Daphne makes this a record you just keep on playing! Steady rock but also fragile songs all written straight from the heart. The meaningful narrative lyrics are sure to move you. Theme of the record is your own Mental Shift. The way you view the world you can control with your mind. Stay true to you, whether it’s love, friendship or a career. How does this all sound? Listen to our album and find out for yourself…

Download the album booklet here.

Cover of album Emergence

The Band

Mental Shift is a female fronted alternative rock band from the Netherlands! Their sound has been described as a mix of Skunk Anansie, Kate Bush, Placebo, the Gathering and Blondie. While alternative in its core, the different musical backgrounds of the band members result in a mix of influences from pop, metal, alternative and rock. Lively melodics mostly midtempo rock beats, high pitched vocals, a solid drums and bass which leads to the very accessible, melodic, alternative rock of Mental Shift. A full debut album was released in 2018, with the singles Back to Life, Disclosure, Too Much and My Heavy Heart. Latest single releases are Winter, The Last Thing, Déjà vu Endless and finally the ballad My Great Reset, inspired by covid.

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Mental Shift Line Up

Line Up


Daphne Gobius du Sart – Lead Vocals, Songwriter, Lyrics

Daphne started her singing career at an early age, joining The Academy Of Vocal Arts in The Hague at the age of 8. This intensive vocal training allowed her to develop her voice and a solid understanding of music and singing in general. In releasing several albums and performing throughout Europe her passion for singing was awakened.

Through her teens and twenties she enjoyed singing lessons in pop (Musical Academy Leiden) and classical singing (Het Phondament The Hague). She also took lessons with Floor Jansen (Nightwish) to develop a more powerful style and learn belting techniques. She has been writing songs and lyrics for over ten years which she performed in several bands. Very experienced in live gigs she performed dozens of times at festivals and pop stages.


Hans Flikkema – Guitars

Hans is playing the guitars in Mental Shift. He started playing classical guitar at the age of seven, inspired by the great Segovia. In high school, Hans got inspired by Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore, Jethro Tull, Kayak, Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies, Peter Frampton, Stones Get their ya ya’s out, Rainbow, Sweet, Blondie etc. Stopped playing classical guitar, learned himself how to rock by playing three hours a day. Got his first 3 man band at the age of 15, creating own rock songs and sound. From that moment this band changed musical styles, line up and had several band names every few years. After 25 years of changes Hans finally quitted the scene and ended up toggling an acoustic guitar and rediscovered the classical guitar for a bit, while raising kids. From 2010 Hans started up again, trying covering classical rock songs and modern blues-rock, got a bit inspired by guys like John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa. Anyway covering is not his thing, now creating and recording new songs again in Mental Shift.


Michiel Flikkema – Drums

Michiel started playing drums at the age of 15. He learned playing the drums mainly autodidact and attended one year of education in jazz-feel drumming to improve his techniques for playing the style of drumming he likes best, inspired by Ian Paice, John Bonham, Steve Copeland and John Cogholan. Together with Hans he played in a band for about twenty years making alternative rock. After this a period of various music and theatre productions. The style he likes most is rock feel straight bold or massive symphonic. Playing drums is by far his most favorite energizer. Playing in Mental Shift is for him the ultimate experience in performing. Michiel is less composer but likes being on stage best and so eager he sometimes needs to be tamed.


Sascha van ‘t Hoog – Bass

Sascha is the steady bass player since summer 2020 in Mental Shift. Likes loud music mostly and playing the greatest rock songs.


Jeroen Koevoets – Guitars

Jeroen is a singer songwriter by nature. He has been involved with music from an early age, especially through his musical father, who played in a lot in bands. Jeroen got and still is inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone age.


Upcoming Shows

Previous Shows


Sun 9-6-2024 LOUD & HEAVY: Manora, Redikin, Alwaid, Mental Shift, Between Rats And Snakes @ Musicon

Location: Soestdijksekade 345, 2574 AL Den Haag

Time: 15:00-23:00 - Mental Shift from 15:50


Sat 13-1-2024 Dance with Dragons + Mental Shift @ StudioGonz

Location: Turfsingel 36, 2802 BC Gouda

Time: 21:00-0:00


Sat 28-1-2023 Female-fronted rock & metal @ Café de Meister

Location: Burgemeester Lemmensstraat 250, 6163 JT Geleen

Show starts: 19:30


Fri 27-1-2023 Female fronted Metal & Rock @ Muziekcentrum The Box

Alwaid (FR) melodic Metal and Mental Shift (NL) alternative Rock, together live in Katwijk, Netherlands.

Location: Valkenburgseweg 50-A, 2223 KE Katwijk aan Zee

Show starts: 20:30


Sat 15-10-2022 Mental Circus / Mental Shift / Alwaid @ B52 music club

Location: Aartrijkestraat 92, 8480 Eernegem, Belgium

Doors open: 20:00


Sat 23-04-2022 Mental Circus / Mental Shift / Alwaid @ B52 music club

Location: Aartrijkestraat 92, 8480 Eernegem, Belgium

Show Starts aprox.: 19:30


Sat 11-12-2021 Mental Shift & special guest Dew on the Van @ KOFA

Location: Zomerstraat 41, 3131 EW Vlaardingen

Show Starts aprox.: 14:00


Sun 22-12-2019 Mental Shift Acoustic sessions @ ATOS RTV

Location: Shopping Centre Walburg, ATOS Radio Zwijndrecht.

Time: 13:00-15:00


Sat 30-11-2019 Mental Shift & Hotel Charly 2 @ Saturnus Live Music

Location: Keizerstraat 58, 2584 BK Scheveningen

Show starts aprox.: 21:00

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Sat 9-11-2019 Mental Shift Try Out @ KOFA

Location: Zomerstraat 41, 3131 EW Vlaardingen

Show starts aprox.: 23:00 after main show


Sat 11-05-2019 CatEaters DE & Mental Shift NL @ B52 music club

Location: Aartrijkestraat 92, 8480 Eernegem, Belgium

Show starts aprox.: 19:00


Sat 20-04-2019 Mental Shift & Rufusking @ Muziek Cafe De Hommel

Location: Schiedamseweg 37, Vlaardingen

Show starts aprox.: 21:00


13-04-2019 Mental Shift & The Arthurs @ Station Zuid (voorheen Muziekcafe Lohengrin)

Location: Erasmusstraat 9, 5216 HM ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Show Starts: 21:00

16-03-2019 Mental Shift & The Arthurs @ De Beuk

Location: 1e Barendrechtseweg 53-55, 2991 XE Barendrecht, The Netherlands

Show Starts: 21:00


19-01-2019 Mental Shift @ De grote prijs van Dordrecht

Location: Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

Show Starts aprox.: 21:00


15-11-2018 Mental Shift: Album Release Party @ Popcentrale

Location: Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.


Sun 30-09-2018 Mental Shift Live @ De Vorstin

Location: Koninginneweg 44, 1211 AS Hilversum, Netherlands


22-09-2018 Mental Shift & The Arthurs @ KOFA

Location: Zomerstraat 41, 3131 EW Vlaardingen, Netherlands

12-05-2018 Mental Shift @ Saturnus Live Music & support act Dead Wizards

Location: Keizerstraat 58, 2584 BK Scheveningen, Netherlands

22-04-2018 Mental Shift @ Echt Erik (live radio show)

Location: Studio RTVGO! Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 251, 9675 DG Winschoten, The Netherlands

21-04-2018 Mental Shift @ New Café Image

Location: Rolderstraat 8A, 9401 AS Assen, The Netherlands

20-04-2018 Mental Shift @ Ons Cafe

Location: Peyserhof 14 7824 CP Emmen, The Netherlands


31-03-2018 Mental Shift @ De Beuk

Location: 1e Barendrechtseweg 53-55, 2991 XE Barendrecht, The Netherlands

08-03-2018 Mental Shift @ Dordt Rocks

Live recording for local TV and Youtube show “Dordt Rocks” (+ miniconcert)

Location: Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht, the Netherlands


11-03-2018 Mental Shift @ Gluren bij de Buren – A livingroom concert!

Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands

22-12-2017 Mental Shift @ Muziekcafé de Hommel

Location: Schiedamseweg 37, 3134 BA Vlaardingen, Netherlands


18-11-2017 Mental Shift & The Agony @ New Café Image

Location: Rolderstraat 8A, 9401 AS Assen, The Netherlands

16-11-2017 Mental Shift & The Agony @ Ons Cafe

Location: Peyserhof 14 7824 CP Emmen, The Netherlands

04-11-2017 Mental Shift goes DOOR!

Location: DOOR, Voorstraat 142, 3311 ES Dordrecht, The Netherlands

28-10-2017 Alternative Rock Night with Societas Legitimus alpha Mortalis

Location: Get Rhythm, Nikkelstraat 41, 2984 AM Ridderkerk, Netherlands

26-08-2017 Mental Shift – Filming Liveclips + full show

Location: Popcentrale, Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Dordrecht, Noordendijk 148

18-05-2017 Mental Shift @ Via Cultura Muziekantencafé

Location: Popcentrale, Talent Stage, Energiehuis, Dordrecht, Noordendijk 148


25-02-2017 Mental Shift @ Let There Be Rock

Location: MCA, Ambachtsweg 17, 3161 GL Rhoon


You can listen to Mental Shift's releases on the following platforms:

Video clips


January 2023
The Revolution (Single)
September 2022
My Great Reset (Single)
December 2021
Endless (Single)
October 2021
It's Time (Single)
May 2021
Déjà vu (Single)
January 2021
The Last Thing (Single)
October 2020
Winter (Single)
July 2019
Too Much (Single)
May 2019
Disclosure (Single)
February 2019
My Heavy Heart (Single)
November 2018
Emergence (Album)
Back To Life (Single)
January 2018
Cyberspace (Single)
September 2017
Mental Shift (EP)
June 2017
Mental Shift (song)


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